Ice skating is the best activity for the family during the winter but what isn't fun is all of the crowds at all of the rinks. Well, Princeton is bringing you a new alternative to ice skating. It is called "glice". You are probably wondering "what is glice?" Don't worry we were confused at first too.

Glice is heat-pressed polymers instead of actual ice and according to Princeton has a location that has glice skating even on warm days during this winter.

According to, during this warm winter, you can enjoy the glice at Palmer Square until the end of February.

The thing about skating on glice is that it is not the same as the regular ice rink. Don't be afraid if you happen to step on glice and it is completely different. You'll still get the same ice skating feel once you start. mentioned that for kids there are "whales" that will help the children learn how to skate on the glice.

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