Many couples report that they are out of sync with their nighttime routines and that they are not happy about it.  One partner wants to stay up and finish the show, while the other wants to turn in early. This disagreement between couples puts more strain on the relationship than we think. Going to bed unhappy causes stress that weighs on our bodies and minds.

In our relationships, going to bed at the same time does not just improve our relationship health and intimacy.  It also benefits our emotional and mental health as well.  Here are a few reasons we should hit the hay with our partner.

  • jeshoots

    Synced Schedules

    Going to bed with your partner helps to synchronize your next day’s schedule. You are more likely to wake up at the same time as your partner, even if you fall asleep after them. This allows for a better start to the day as you can plan ahead together.

  • Becca Taper
    Becca Taper

    Increased Intimacy

    Laying in bed with your partner allows for prolonged skin-to-skin contact that we do not experience a lot of throughout the day. Laying together allows for cuddling, which improves our relationship health and helps to mend bonds that may have been strained earlier.

  • Zac Durant
    Zac Durant

    Destress From The Day

    A lot of conversations that normally would not be had happen when laying together in bed. We may be too busy with chores and work to really listen to what our partners have to say. When we lay in bed with one another, it allows for conversations about the struggles we had during the day. Having these talks allows for our bodies and minds to relax a little and get a better night’s sleep.

  • Milad Fakurian
    Milad Fakurian

    Better Brain Health

    Sleeping next to one another allows our minds to be put at ease and allows for us to relax more. The slightest contact, even touching feet, allows for us to feel connected to our partners and experience less stress.

  • Jacob Wackerhausen/ThinkStock
    Jacob Wackerhausen/ThinkStock

    Improved Sleep

    Most importantly, going to bed at the same time as your partner allows for better sleep. It lets our minds experience deep relaxing sleep that we would normally not get if we were still stressing from the day.

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