St. Patrick's Day beer
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Saint Patrick's Day, and you know what that means: the booze will be flowing freely. Have you ever thought about why people associate Saint Patrick's Day with drinking? Well, I am going to tell you. The holiday first started to honor Saint Patrick on the anniversary of his death. Lenten food and alcohol restrictions were temporarily removed by the Christian people for this holiday, and this could explain why drinking has become synonymous with St. Patty’s Day.  In fact, after Mardi Gras and New Year's Eve, it is the booziest holiday of the year.

Of course, it is never good to overdo it on the alcohol and we absolutely do not want to get behind a wheel if we plan to drink on St. Patty's Day, but beyond that, if you are trying to watch your calories, some of the St. Patrick's Day drinks will not make that easy. However, if you still want to stay in the Irish Spirit, without the added calories, we have three of the best drink options below.

  • Tagore75/ ThinkStock Media
    Tagore75/ ThinkStock Media

    Irish Coffee

    The famous Irish Coffee. This drink contains Irish cream liquor and whiskey, so it may not be the most-healthy of options. However, if you hold the whipped cream on top and don't add sugar, this drink is not your worst option! If you want to keep the breakfast vibe going, try Irish breakfast tea, one shot of whiskey, and a splash of lemon juice. This drink is only 80 calories!

  • VanderWolf-Images/ ThinkStock Media
    VanderWolf-Images/ ThinkStock Media

    Guinness Draught Ale

    There's no Saint Patrick's Day celebration done right without some Guinness. Guinness Draught Ale is about 120 calories for 12 ounces, and an added bonus is that research suggests that this drink can provide some iron and protein. Of course, drink in moderation!

  • Alexlukin/ ThinkStock Media
    Alexlukin/ ThinkStock Media

    Jameson and Soda

    This one may not be on the top of your list, but Jameson and soda can be your Saint Patrick's Day staple. Jameson mixed with some club soda and lemon only tallies up to around 100 calories per drink!

  • igorr1/ ThinkStock Media
    igorr1/ ThinkStock Media

    Irish Spring

    This one is for all the vodka drinkers.  Irish Spring is a shot or two of your choice of vodka, a half an ounce of creme de menthe and some club soda for only about 150 calories per glass.

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