Another retail store in the area is closing its doors for good due to challenges surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, according to 6ABC. A story all too familiar these days.

Godiva Chocolatier, a worldwide retail chain specializing in Belgian chocolates, truffles, and more, has just announced that it's closing all 128 of their North American stores. How sad. I visit the Quaker Bridge Mall location In Lawrenceville whenever I need a special occasion sweet treat for someone...or myself. Lol. Oh yes, Godiva chocolate is THAT good.

Don't worry, if you're a true Godiva fan, you will still be able to get your Godiva favorites online, and when we all start traveling again, you can visit a location overseas. Godiva stores are staying open in China, Europe, and the MiddleEast. I love the truffles.

It's so sad to see so many local retail stores and restaurants going out of business. Most were flourishing until the pandemic hit. Ugh.

No word on the exact closing date of the Quaker Bridge Mall location. I called the store, and the sales associate told me they're hoping to remain open until February 15th, but, it depends how quickly their supply sells. As of today (Monday, January 25th), everything in the store that's pre-packaged is up to 50% off. Everything they make in the store is still full price. With Valentine's Day coming soon, you may want to stop by soon, and grab some gifts.

Godiva Chocolatier is located on the lower level of Quaker Bridge Mall, one the corner of Center Court, near Macy's.

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