If you haven't been following this local story, let me give you a quick recap!

A homeless man named Johnny Bobbitt Jr. gave his last $20 to a woman from Burlington County named Kate McClure. Kate had run out of gas on I-95 and Johnny felt bad for her and gave her $20. Because of his kindness, Kate and her boyfriend Mark launched a GoFundMe campaign for Johnny and raised about $400,000! Unfortunately, a year later, Johnny has not seen any of that money. The couple claimed they were holding onto it for him, but Johnny was very suspicious. He thought the couple spent his money on trips, a new BMV and shopping sprees. He hired a lawyer and the couple's home was actually searched yesterday and their BMV was seized. The couple is actually due in court on Monday to answer some questions.

So what happens to the money that was raised for Johnny? GoFundMe says that he will get every dollar that was raised for him! GoFundMe has a Guarantee that says if funds and campaigns are misused, beneficiaries are protected. They are going to work with Johnny's legal team to make sure he gets the support he needs!

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