I've got to be honest, I've never thought about eating at a funeral, but apparently, many people have because NJ.com is reporting that a bill is close to being passed that would allow food and drink to be served in New Jersey funeral homes.

NJ.com says that the senate and state assembly both approved the measure, so it's now in the hands of Governor Phil Murphy.

According to nysfda.org, New York passes a similar measure in 2017.  At the time, the New York State Funeral Directors Association said that the legislation allowed "funeral directors to provide additional comfort to grieving family, friends and loved ones by allowing them to make food and/or beverages available in the funeral home."

In 2012, the Daily Meal reported that a Starbucks coffee bar opened in a Texas funeral home.  The coffee bar was not advertised, but it was open to the public, not just people attending a funeral.

NJ.com says that some smaller funeral homes oppose the bill because they don't necessarily have the space to store food and drink, which would put them in a competitive disadvantage.



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