Google celebrates the 25th anniversary of “Friends” with ... Easter eggs?

The popular show received some special attention from the search engine in the form of small animations, side links and oddly enough a glossary for some of the show’s most popular terms. According to PhillyVoice, each of the main characters received special icons used within their Google search.

All of these icons trigger a little animation except for one.

PhillyVoice mentioned that if you search for of “Ross Geller,” you will see a picture of a couch with the character’s information. Clicking on the image will cause the page to tilt and you will hear Ross say his helpful instruction to “Pivot.” This animation is in reference to the episode where Ross buys a new couch that doesn’t fit up the stairs of his apartment building.

Joey Tribianni has a pizza icon, which is his favorite food obviously. Clicking on the pizza icon will cause more food to appear on the screen and Joey will grab it saying, “Joey doesn’t share food!” Any true Friends fan knows that when Joey goes on dates, or even just with his friends, his food is for him only.

Chandler’s icon is an armchair that causes the chick and the duck to appear. According to Cummings, deciding on which of Chandler’s best wisecracks to use was too hard to do. The little animals walk along the bottom of your browser when clicking on the chair.

The character of Rachel Green doesn’t have an animation. Her icon is the famous “Rachel” haircut, according to Cummings. Clicking on this icon, however, will take you to a Google Images page that shows a bunch of pictures of the haircut.

Monica and Phoebe have small animations that you can chuckle at as well. Monica has a bucket with water.  Clicking it causes a sponge to change her name to purple because we all know how much of a “clean freak” she is. Phoebe’s is a guitar that plays her infamous “Smelly Cat” song. states that searching “Friends glossary” will give you definitions for terms like unagi, woopah, unfloopy, phalange, mississipily, and more.

So if you are a fan of “Friends,” these little things Google added will not only bring you a good laugh but will most likely make you want to rewatch the show for probably the tenth time.

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