Hey Android users in New Jersey and Pennsylvania! If you had an Android phone in the last 7 years, Google may owe you some money!

Google Agrees To $700 Million Play Store Antitrust Settlement
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Tech giant Google has been ordered to pay a whopping $700 million in restitution to Android users in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Why? It's part of a settlement to a lawsuit that found Google guilty of using anti-competitive methods in the Google Play store, according to PhillyVoice.

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Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser emphasized the breakthrough for consumers: "All companies – no matter how big or powerful – cannot refuse to play by the rules, including Google. We brought this lawsuit because it is illegal to use monopoly power to drive up prices and limit consumer choice," he said in a statement.

How do I know if Google owes me money?

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If you purchased anything from the Google Play app between August 2016 and September 2023, you are entitled to some of that settlement.

Over 71 million people across the nation are owed settlement money from the lawsuit. So there's a good chance you're in that cluster. If you are, expect an email. Which brings up the next question...

What do I have to do to submit my claim?

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Here's the good part. You don't have to do anything to submit a formal claim. If you're owed money, you will automatically be notified via email that you are owed. Keep an eye out in your email for an option to be paid your share of the settlement via Paypal, Venmo, paper check or direct deposit.

PLEASE do your due diligence to ensure that you're not giving personal information to scam emails.

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