Nothing is worse than when you go somewhere to eat and they only accept credit and debit cards. This happens at a place down by my Dad's house. They ONLY accept credit cards. I get the convenience of it and I know that it helps when the store has a really a long line, but sometimes I actually enjoy paying cash. Many businesses want to move towards cashless payments, but let's be honest, especially with all the credit card briefings that have happened, not everyone ALWAYS pays with a credit card.

According to, Governor Murphy just signed a bill yesterday, stating that businesses MUST accept cash as a form of payment and it is now a law. This is only for payments that are done in person. Businesses are still able to require their customers to pay with a credit card for web and phone orders. I actually like the stores that you can order online and pay with cash in the store. If stores violate this, they can be fined thousands of dollars.

New Jersey is only one of two states in the country that have put a ban like this in place. The other is Massachusetts.

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