announced that he would shut things down to protect the public health.

Governor Murphy actually aimed his anger at the people, not the venues themselves. While the bars are enforcing mask rules while inside, there doesn't seem to be any enforcement when it comes to those waiting in line to get in. Even more obvious is the lack of any sort of social distancing as people are waiting outside.

Look, I get that no one likes masks. I'm typically an anti-authority guy, but when it comes to health...I gotta defer to the research. And as I've said plenty of times - THESE GUYS MAKE THE RULES. It really doesn't matter if you're blue or red, you can disagree with any and all politicians, but until they're voted out, they can still make the rules. You can rebel all you want, you can yell and scream and not wear a mask, but that will only lead to more shutdowns. If everyone had just sucked it up and worn their masks months ago, we'd be out of this by now. So again, please, just wear a mask.

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