Attention all 2022 grads! (High school, college, and grad school.)

You did it! All that hard work has finally paid off, but it didn't come easy.

Many-a-night, you burned the late night oil, working well into the early morning hours, cramming for your finals and exams, putting the finishing touches on your thesis, presentations and projects. It was hard! And for many students, much of that hard, late-night work couldn't have been done without with Red Bull, ungodly amounts of coffee, gatorade, ramen noodles, and.... Insomnia Cookies!

And now that you're graduating, Insomnia Cookies want to hook you up with a sweet treat as a graduation congratulations!


Running until 6/30, if you're a Class of 2022 graduate, you can show at an Insomnia Cookies location with your cap and gown in-store, and you'll get 1 FREE 6 pack of classic cookies with a $5 in-store purchase. And even if you don't have a cap and gown - it's okay! Just be able to prove that you're graduating this year, and you're good to go.

Details on this promotion are right HERE.

And trust me, as someone who's ordered 6 packs from these guys more times than I'm willing to admit - I'm telling you right now, that's a pretty darn good deal. Insomnia cookies absolutely made my late-night studying a whole lot more bearable. Even after I graduated, I still get them just because they're seriously delicious.

Insomnia Cookies has a location in Ewing NJ at 300 Main Blvd East, Suite 502, Ewing, NJ.

There's also locations in the Philadelphia area! Find a store HERE.

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