A very stressful time has just begun for a lot of people. When kids go Back to School, it's stressful on parents, guardians and teachers in more ways than one. Especially with how our world is now with COVID, there is a new kind of stress level added to in person instruction.

Insomnia Cookies want to help and put teachers at ease a little bit with some sweet treats. Today (Tuesday September 21st) and tomorrow, (Wednesday September 22nd), teachers can get a free six pack of cookies when they make a purchase.

You'll just need to show your work ID, make a purchase and BOOM! You get a free six pack of cookies. Yum. Spread the word and tell your friends. Sweet treats make everyone feel better right?

Insomnia Cookies is located in the Shops at Campus Town at the College of New Jersey, there's one in New Brunswick and they also have a few locations in Philadelphia.

Insomnia Cookies is famous for their late night deliveries of sweet their sweet treats. Whether you're craving a late night snack and don't wanna leave your couch, or you're out and wanna stop for a bite.

I have to say, cookies are my weakness when it comes to dieting. I love a good warm, chocolate chip cookie. I also love Oreos and Chips Ahoy from the grocery store.

I have personally never had Insomnia Cookies, and I don't think many people have had them since a location just opened up in our area not too long ago.

I'm hearing that they are amazing, I mean, their menu looks delicious. I may be making a little trip over to Campus Town to check them out.


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