Let's not forget ... our little - big orange guy is only about 2 months old now.

So, yes this is his first snowfall experience.

(And yes, I know - I know another Gritty story, he's like our child. So naturally we just have to keep up with him, it's our duty as good parents.)

Well, the Philadelphia Flyer's viral mascot star, Gritty, has only seen Zamboni dust so of course he compared the two ... which was very intelligent for our two month old to put together, if you ask me. His twitter caption, "Zamboni dust! IT’S FALLING FROM THE SKY." Very cute!

He posted videos of himself to social media jumping around in the snow and catching snow fakes falling from the sky ... it's like he couldn't believe his googly eyes. "I LOVE IT" he wrote! Of course he did. Because would a hockey mascot, really be a hockey mascot if he didn't love snow?!


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