We have important news for Guac lovers!! Chipotle announced that for ONE DAY ONLY guacamole is not going to be extra on your meal. Is there any way that it can be extended and not just for one day?

If there is one thing millennials love it is their avocados, right? Well, they love their chipotle too I guess. But we definitely hate paying extra to get our avocado fix at Chipotle.

This Wednesday, July 31, in celebration of National Avocado Day, Chipotle will not be charging extra for guac.

Like our favorite girl TSwift sings, YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN. Actually, it’s fine if you can’t calm down because we aren’t calm either. We’re too excited to have an excuse to go out for lunch this upcoming hump day.

Customers will need to purchase a regular priced entrée, and for one day and one day only, you will be able to add guacamole to it for no extra cost. They’ve got us sold—we’ll be there.

You can place your order using the mobile app, their website, or just walk right in and order your Chipotle … with guac of course.

And let’s be real, Chipotle does have some good guacamole.

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