We all know the phrase I'll give you two guesses, and the first one doesn't count". It is a sarcastic way to say 'you know the answer without a shadow of a doubt without any help from us. So, are you ready to guess which accent has been named the worst in the country? All together now.

Photo by Tycho Atsma on Unsplash
Photo by Tycho Atsma on Unsplash

Of course, the Garden State is the correct answer and has been confirmed by Big 7 Travel in a recent article. We're not #2 or #3 or #4 worst. No, that's for accents like Long Island, Florida, or Minnesota.

New Jersey stands alone on the list as the worst accent. But, why? Well, if this makes you feel any better, it's not technically a "worst accent" list, it's more like a "Top 50 Sexiest Accents" list. And we came in 50th.

So, what's to blame? Well, the article makes specific mentions of "caw-fee" and we pretty much have to own that one, but they also talk about dropping the 'r's" and I have a problem with that. That's not a New Jersey thing. That's a Staten Island thing.

I have to say, I don't think we have a bad accent, and yes, I think it can be sexy at times. But it's not just this article that bashes the way we "tawk". Every comedian and half the movie out there have something to say about it. They all seem to get it wrong and think we have a New York accent, which we don't.

And by the way, New York is listed as the 2nd sexiest accent of the Top 50. Go figure.

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