Every day Pennsylvania drivers ask themselves, ‘Can New Jersey drivers get any worse?’

Driving in New Jersey is anything but a walk in any one of the beautiful parks that our state has to offer. When thinking of Jersey’s traffic and the driving patterns of its inhabitants, beauty is the very last thing that comes to mind.

On each and every road in New Jersey, you are more than likely to hear a cacophony of honking horns, people yelling out of their car windows, and the screeching of burning rubber as people try hitting their breaks to avoid a collision.

Being that we live in the mess, it’s quite interesting to hear how outsiders feel about our expressive driving. One man took to Tik Tok to share that during his visit he mastered "the native tongue" of New Jersians:

He deems laying on the horn as the universal language of New Jersey and in all honesty, we can’t say he’s wrong. The people in the comments agree too! One person commented, “I do this all the time I ain't ashamed” while another commented “He’s not wrong tho”.

Are New Jersey drivers as bad as everyone says?

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