Telina Cuppari from Kenilworth is being called "NJ's cheesiest resident" by New Jersey Monthly. Why? Keep reading. It will make sense in a second.

You see, Telina is in the Guinness Book of World Records for owning the most pizza memorabilia in the world...yup, the world.

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So, just how much pizza memorabilia does it take to hold the world record? Telina has over 800 pieces of pizza collectibles. You heard me correctly, over 800 pieces. Wow, just wow.

She's loved pizza her whole life (who hasn't?) but it wasn't until 2012, when she moved from California to New Jersey, that she started collecting pizza knick knacks. The dining room in the Cuppari house is pizza themed. Pizza has even taken over her wardrobe.

During the pandemic is when Telina really amped up her collection. While most people were making banana bread she looked up the Guinness Book record for pizza memorabilia on a whim. She found out that it was at 561 and decided she was going to try and beat it.

Working towards the goal, she bought more pizza stuff. I bet she visited one of my favorite stores, HomeGoods, to add to her collection. There's always unique knick knacks there.

She also had her family and friends helping her out. Many sent her pizza themed gifts from where they live.

Then, Telina threw a Pizza Palooza party and her guests brought more stuff to add to her pizza collection.

Telina actually broke the Guinness Book record back in 2021 with a whopping 669 pizza-themed things, but, she's still collecting with over 800 pieces as of now.

She has everything from mugs, jewelry, books, toys, dolls and more.

Her dog is into it too.

I would have thought that she eats pizza everyday too, but, she only does about once a week.

All this talk about pizza and now I'm craving it and just ordered a pie.

For more on the "Pizza Girl," as she's been nicknamed, click here.

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