Have you heard one of the newest Guinness World Record holders lives in New Jersey? NJ.com revealed that this New Jersey resident has just won the record for having the largest pizza memorabilia collection in the entire world.


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It’s so funny, you always see people achieving these world records and being part of the Guinness books, but it’s always even cooler when someone represents the garden state! This world record is for sure one of the more random ones that you’d find in the book, but it still is crazy to see how much pizza merch this woman owns.


Honestly, before finding out about her, I didn’t realize there were so many different types of pizza merch you could buy. Her name is Telina Cuppari from Kenilworth, NJ, but she’s otherwise known as “The Pizza Girl”.

She told NJ.com that she had a pizza-themed maternity shoot when she was pregnant with her daughter and also decorated the delivery room with all types of pizza-themed items when she gave birth to her son.

Of course, her first meal after both deliveries was pizza. This girl is totally pizza obsessed. According to Guinness World Records, Telina Cuppari owns 669 pizza-related items ranging from pizza dresses, pizza water slides, blankets, posters, hats and so much more.


If you’re a fan of these books, Telina, The Pizza Girl, Cuppari will be featured in the Guinness World Records 2024 edition! Make sure to be on the lookout for this fellow Jersey girl when they hit shelves!

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