The coronavirus pandemic has caused us to stay home and with us staying home, there is less money being spent at stores and restaurants. Many businesses have suffered from declining sales due to the coronavirus pandemic, but an industry I didn't know was suffering is the candy industry. reports, that sales of gum, mints and even candy bars are down almost 30%. The reason? Well, no one is going on dates, many people are working from home and not interacting with their co-workers face to face, so there's no need to buy mints or gum. The other reason for the decline is that most people are shopping online and not even visiting grocery stores. Pre-pandemic when shoppers would go to the checkout and pay for their groceries, they would pick up a candy bar, or a pack of gum or something that is displayed on the aisle where the register is. When I was pregnant, I would get a Twix bar every time I checked out at Target. It was right there in my face and I would always throw it right on the conveyer belt to add to my order. There have been studies done that prove the placement of candy bars and gum has a huge impact on sales. So now that not many people are not actually going into grocery stores or when they do go in, they are limited what they touch, people are not buying those candy bars, sweet snacks, mints and gum. Now I feel like I wanna order like 10 Twix bars when I do my Target Drive Up order. Have to support my favorite candy bar, right?

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