Readers Digest took a look at at each state in America to determine the most charming small towns in the country. South Jersey's, Haddonfield township was selected as New Jersey's most charming small town. With its beautiful atmosphere, unique entertainment, and strong historic presence, Haddonfield is a must-see destination.

Haddonfield offers a variety of shopping with over 200 shops located in majestically preserved colonial buildings. Reader's Digest recommends a stroll along Kings Highway for some window shopping and an overnight stay at the Hadonfield Inn, which has been restored in a Victorian home. Other hotspots include Tanner Street and Lantern Lane, which hold most of the town's retail locations with shops ranging from antique and craft stores to locally owned toy stores and pet stores. The scenic streets are filled with outdoor cafes as well as the Haddonfield Plays & Players, which offers live music and theater performances.

Visitors should check out "Haddie the Dinosaur", a shrine of the first nearly intact dinosaur skeletal which was found in Haddonfield in 1858. Visitors can learn more about the history of the well preserved town by visiting the Indian King Tavern Museum. Built in 1750, the museum is the first state historic site in New Jersey.

With its location driving distance from Philadelphia, Delaware, and New York, the small town is a central location for tourism with a lot to offer, and is a well-kept secret! Take a look at the Reader's Digest list of the most charming small town's in America. 

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