Halsey is going to be a mom!

On Wednesday (January 27), the singer announced on Instagram, with a series of gorgeous maternity photos, that she is expecting her first child—and we couldn't be happier for her.

Halsey has wanted to be a mom for quite some time, but the road to motherhood has been challenging for the star. In 2016, she revealed to Rolling Stone that while touring in 2015, she suffered a miscarriage. In the same interview, she shared, "I want to be a mom more than I want to be a pop star. More than I want to be anything in the world."

Naturally, however, fans have been curious about who the baby's dad is, wondering on social media, "Who is the father of Halsey's baby?"

At the time her announcement was made, the pop star hadn't explicitly revealed the identity of the baby's father. However, she did tag someone named Alev Aydin in her Instagram post—which he then shared in his own Instagram Story, along with some heart emojis. He also retweeted her on Twitter.

Not long after, Aydin left a comment on Halsey's announcement. "Heart so full, I love you, sweetness," he wrote, to which Halsey replied, "I love you! And I love this mini human already!"

So, who is Alev Aydin?

Aydin is a Los Angeles-based writer, producer and actor, according to his IMDb page. According to Life & Style magazine, he hails from Turkey.

Halsey and Aydin were first spotted together in January 2019, at a Lakers basketball game, according to InTouch Weekly.

Back in October 2020, the Daily Mail snapped photos of an overalls-wearing Halsey leaving an art supplies store with the producer in tow. At the time, it was speculated that the pair were just pals.

While not much else is known publicly about Aydin, and it's unclear when the apparent couple officially started seeing each other, it seems Halsey and Aydin have a lot in common.

Based on the producer's social media, he appears to care deeply about social justice issues, such as Black Lives Matter, much like Halsey does. And on his Instagram last year, he posted about one of his favorite movies, Baz Lurhmann's Romeo + Juliet. (If you've seen the videos for "Now or Never" or "Alone," or are familiar with any of the visuals from Halsey's hopeless fountain kingdom album era, you'll know she's a big fan of the flick.)

And while Halsey has yet to explicitly address the identity of her future baby's father, one thing is for certain: we and all her fans are so, so thrilled for her.

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