As the New Jersey unemployment rate goes up due to the coronavirus crisis, a Hamilton (Mercer County) family has decided they want to try and help those affected, according to Community News.

It's a familiar scene these days...during family dinner a few weeks ago, Benny & Krissy Tramo and their three children sat around the table talking about this unprecedented situation. The kids had many questions about the hardships people will have in weeks, and months to come. Their parents did their best to explain that some people may not be able to work, which will create very challenging situations, like not being able to pay their bills. They all agreed they wanted to help their friends and neighbors in Hamilton during this trying time.

They set up a GoFundMe that reads in part, "Hi, we are starting a campaign to raise money for all workers that are impacted by the Coronavirus. We are Mia, Raffaele and Gemma Tramo. We live in Hamilton, NJ. Being home from school these last couple of days and reading and watching the news we have heard of many businesses needing to shut down. We realized that there are many workers out there who's place of employment have been shutdown and as a result they are unable to make money needed to pay their bills. We want to try to raise money for these workers."

Great job, Tramo family. Kindness matter. Thank you for all you're doing.

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