Another great, local restaurant has closed its doors for good. If you live in the Hamilton Township area you probably know it,. Sorry to say, it's Mamma Giacomina's Italian Restaurant, on Whitehorse Hamilton Square Road. You may also know it as Mamma G's.

But, the closure is not because of the strain of the pandemic, it's because the owners are moving to Italy. Wow. Let the adventure begin.

The post on the restaurant's Facebook page was bittersweet. It read, "Hey guys we are back from our honeymoon. We come back bearing amazing but also incredibly sad news. Liz and I have been given the most amazing opportunity of moving to Italy in just a couple of months. We are meeting my family (my parents and relatives) when we get there. We are so excited for this new adventure! Sadly this means we are closed." You can read the rest of the announcement below.

I'm so bummed about this...we got takeouts from there often. My all time favorite was the Lizzie sandwich, which is chicken parm with vodka sauce....omg, it was soo good. The rice balls were also amazing. Everything was fabulous.

Customers commented on the post announcing the closure, saying how much they'd be missed, how amazing their food was, and wondering what will go in the location next. Hmmm...another eatery? It's been a BBQ place in the past. I'll let you know if I hear anything.

Well, Mama G's, thanks for feeding us well. Good luck on your next chapter. It sounds so exciting. You will certainly be missed.

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