I honestly remember thinking that the coronavirus was just another flu and I didn't understand why people were freaking out so bad about it int he very beginning. Now, seeing how serious it is, I've been extremely cautious about everything. I've eased up a little bit as my family and have started seeing other family members and very close friends who have been quarantined, but we wash our hands like crazy, wear masks all the time and use caution wherever we go. The coronavirus pandemic has not only cost us thousands and thousands of human lives, but it's also cost restaurants to lose money and events that were supposed to take place are no longer happening either and that means, memories and milestones are not taking place either. It's super sad.

TAP into reported that the very popular events are not happening this year. Oktoberfest usually takes place on October 18th has been canceled and Hamilton's National Night Out, which is held in August has been canceled as well. According to TAP into, there were some talks to move the National Night Out to October, but it's just canceled altogether. These are two big events for the town and both are events that bring people together and promote a sense of community, and I think we all can agree that is something we're all longing for right now. However, since the CDC says social distancing, face masks and being outdoors is key to crushing this virus, and both of these events bring in thousands of people, it makes sense that Hamilton has decided to cancel.

For more info on the cancelation of this event, click here.

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