I almost forgot to tell you this because the holidays got so busy, and it wasn't official at first, but, now I can tell you the cool news. Martel's Christmas Wonderland in Hamilton (Mercer County) announced that they've been picked to compete on the ABC reality show, The Great Christmas Light Fight, according to their Facebook group.

I figured something like this was happening, when Dave's Honey Bunny (his wife) drove past Phillips Ave. a month or so ago, and saw a lot of activity. The streets were shut down around the Martel's neighborhood, near the Whitehorse circle, and filming crews could be seen, so she texted me and told me she thought they were filming a tv show. So cool.

Have you ever watched The Great Christmas Light Fight on ABC? It's a bunch of families from across the county who have a mad love for the holidays and spreading Christmas cheer to their community, competing to see who has the best light display.

The Martel's posted on Facebook, "We are so excited and happy to finally announce that we were chosen to be a participant on the Great Christmas Light Fight although our episode will not air until December 2020. This was such a heartfelt amazing experience we cannot put into words how thankful our family is. First we want to thank our community, friends and family for supporting us all these years and giving us a reason to do the display from all the smiles, tears, and heart felt moments. We also want to give a huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the Great Christmas Light Fight team from the directors, producers, judge Taniya Nayak, and filming teams it was such an amazing experience that we will never forget and our family was recognized for all the hard work we have done. It was such a pleasure working with them. Be sure to tune in December 2020 we will keep you posted on a exact date it will air! Wish us luck."

I'm rooting for you. Can't wait to see you on tv and shout, "I've been there." Lol.

Good luck.


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