I took dance lessons ever since I was three years old and I was a cheerleader for pop warner and continued throughout high school and college and I also used to teach dance and coach cheerleading. I was always so excited to know that either one of my fellow dancers or cheerleaders or someone that I coached gets an awesome job in a great show. I actually used to dance with a girl who is now a Radio City Rockette. So to find out that a local Hamilton girl is dancing and performing in a local but well known show, I want to give her some support and cheer her on.

Community News reports, that Amanda Angermiller who is a Senior at Steinert High School in Hamilton and is playing the role of the Peppermint Princess at Six Flags Great Adventure’s Holiday in the Park. Amanda has a long career of dancing and performing ever since she was a little girl. She's performed on stages throughout Mercer County. When she started working at Six Flags, she was just taking pictures around the park, she did a few other jobs at the park as well, but after she worked Fright Fest last year, she was asked to be apart of the Holiday Show this year. She landed the role of the Peppermint Princess and her outfit is adorable. If you go to Holiday in the Park, you'll see Amanda in the Gingerbread Junction where I'm sure she will make you smile. To read more about Amanda and her awesome opportunity click on this article from Community News.

This holiday season is going to be very different. With the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions everywhere, it's very scary. I think a lot of people are scared of catching the virus, which they should be, it's nothing to joke about and people are canceling plans with relatives, other loved ones and friends. People are also finding different ways to enjoy the holiday season safely and without a ton of worry. It's wonderful when places like Six Flags still have their annual events like Holiday in the Park and tweak them a little bit. This way, we don't feel like the holiday season is completely canceled, juts a little altered.

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