Hamilton High School Senior, Liam Simonelli's story may have had a much different ending if the staff, students, and the school's nurse hadn't sprung into action, saving his life, after he suddenly, and without warning, went into cardiac arrest, during the school day, back in January, according to Community News.

It was early in the day, back on January 10th, during Liam's 2nd period art class when it happened. He collapsed, the thud scaring the teacher, Jamie Canavera. She called for the nurse, but, quickly realized how serious the situation was and sent other students running to her office to alert the nurse of the deteriorating situation.

The seasoned nurse, Kathleen Raney, arrived in the classroom and quickly began CPR, telling the art teacher to have the main office call 911. She continued CPR until the paramedics could stabilize him. The school resource officer, Hamilton Police Officer, Anthony Carvale, also responded to the classroom, and used the school's AED (automated external defibrillator) to get his heart back to a normal rhythm.

Since then, Liam was placed in medically induced coma, and had surgery to have a pacemaker put in, but, is doing well. Every parent's worst nightmare. I can't imagine what Liam and his family went through.

Liam is back in school, thankfully, after that very scary day. His mother, Tara Simonelli, said in the article, "Liam had no symptoms, he had no history, he wasn’t doing drugs, he just literally collapsed out of the blue. There was nothing to predict that. And had Hamilton High West not had the AEDs and had the properly trained people I wouldn’t be talking to you now."

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