This pandemic has canceled many traditions this year but one that it is not going to cancel is football on Thanksgiving. This time around we are not talking about professional football. The attention is focused on high school football.

According to The Trentonian, the rivalry between Hamilton West and Steinert High School will not be canceled this Thanksgiving. The rivalry between these two high schools has been going on for decades now, over 60 years to be specific.

We learned from The Trentonian that the football game between Hamilton West and Steinert High School will still be played on Thanksgiving.

The crazy part about this game is that Hamilton West is finally coming back to the football field after its second COVID-19 set back. It was stated on The Trentonian that the Hamilton West football team was forced to shut down twice for two weeks to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

This is something that can hurt the Hamilton West football team according to The Trentonian. Hamilton West is considered a great team and also the favorite to win the battle against Steinert High School but with being forced to shut down who knows if the players will encounter some difficulties.

The Trentonian mentioned that the rivalry game between Steinert Hgh School and Hamilton West will be played on the morning of Thanksgiving Day. This has to be exciting for the players just knowing that they will actually be able to get another game in and continue the tradition this Thanksgiving.

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