After appearing in Gotham and Blue Bloods, Alejandro Hernandez is set to appear on the Hospital Drama, New Amsterdam. According to Community News, he plays Nurse Casey on the TV show every Tuesday at 10 p.m. on NBC. The show follows different hospital staff members around the hospital and in their various everyday lives.

Though he is a New Jersey native, he has been recognized at various locations all around the world. He visited Paris and Brazil only to be recognized by his on screen character. Of course, he is also recognized in New Jersey as well.

He says growing up in Hamilton has “shaped who he was and the stories he wanted to tell.”

Once a New Jerseyan, always a New Jerseyan. I can speak from experience that when you grow up here, it almost becomes a part of you. You can also see it with other celebrities. Nick Jonas wants to play Bruce Springsteen in a biopic, or even, having Bruce Springsteen be a New Jersey icon.

According to Community News, Hernandez also said that he understood the value of helping out his community, which I feel is a very strong realization for a lot of people growing up in New Jersey. I remember when Hurricane Sandy hit, not only was New Jersey united as a whole, but communities came together and neighbors helped neighbors or strangers with things while the power was out.

Obviously this isn’t an exclusively New Jersey thing, but it makes me proud to be from here. There is a huge sense of community, no matter where you grow up in the Garden State.


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