Today is the best day ever because it is International Women's day! A day where we celebrate the the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. So the theme for this year is #BalanceforBetter....which basically promotes the need for equality and a gender-balanced world.

I have loved seeing all the pictures on Instagram..the tweets and all the post on social media of just everyone giving honor to women in their lives who have inspired and motivated them. Literally all day up and down my timeline women shouting other women out for their achievements, their acts of courage and their hard-work in whatever field. From being a doctor to dentistry to a model to a teacher to radio personalities....

Not to mention also giving honor to women who have paved the way. Those who had a big impact in our history; Rosa parks, Jane Austin, Princess Diane, so many. So i hope you're celebrating today .Whether that's just getting together with your girls and celebrating life, or donating to a charity, supporting a female owned businesses. OR there are so many events happening this weekend; lots of seminars, workshops here in the area. There's the Women in Whit event, the international Women's Day Celebration - IntelliChild Academies of Cliffside Park & Palisades Park, and more!

So happy international women's day....lets continue to inspire and motivate each other in our endeavors!

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