Rumors have been circulating online that the Chuck E. Cheese at the Langhorne Square Shopping Center on E. Lincoln Hwy. has closed.

The website says that workers were seen removing games from the restaurant on Wednesday afternoon and that a sign had been posted directing patrons to the Chuck E. Cheese in Warrington, PA.

If the location has closed, it seems like it something that is somewhat of a surprise. The restaurant posted on its Facebook page as recently as Tuesday afternoon. That post promoted a "free kids mask" promotion.

Last Friday, @ChuckECheesesLevittown shared a post promoting "Fun Break Friday."


It's likely that these posts were just automatically shared from Chuck E. Cheese's corporate page, but it seems odd that there is no announcement or comment regarding the closure.

Also, when you check locations on the Chuck E. Cheese website, the Levittown, PA listing says, "Restaurant is Open For Games & Dine-in.," but when you click on "Store Details," every day is listed as "Closed." says that it reached out to Chuck E. Cheese for a comment regarding the closure but did not get a response, but a worker who was part of the crew moving the games out of the restaurant told the website that "the location has closed for good."

I guess it should come as no surprise if the restaurant has closed. The restaurant industry in general has been dramatically hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, a restaurant that features ball pits and video and arcade games also seem to be a tough sell at a time when people are trying to make sure common touch areas are as clean as possible to avoid the spread of germs.

If we get confirmation that this restaurant has closed for good, we will post an update.



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