In the history of Vogue, there have only been 21 black women who have appeared on the cover by themselves.

In 1974, Vogue had its first cover woman, Beverly Johnson. Rihanna, Lupita Nyong’o, Naomi Cambell, Beyoncé, Serena Williams, Michelle Obama, Halle Berry, Ophra Winfrey, Zendaya and Cardi B have been among the others.

In addition, there has only been one black photographer who shot the cover according to Hello Beautiful. A man named Tyler Mitchell has been the only African American to photograph for the powerhouse company. Mitchell was behind the lens of Beyonce's iconic September 2018 issue.

It is clear the Vogue is really lacking in showcasing their diversity. That is why I really appreciate the latest social media challenge that is currently going viral.

This week, the #VogueChallenge was started. It encourages readers, models and photographers alike to dream big and create their own vision for the cover of Vogue. It gives black creatives a platform to showcase and exemplify their talent.

Black women around the world are using this challenge as a way to challenge Anna Wintour. According to E, in a memo sent to Vogue staffers, Wintour had admitted that the publication has "not found enough ways" to support black employees. So as a result, if the beauty mogul won't come to us, then we're going to manifest our own Vogue covers.

It has served as a way to have a creative outlet that still provides awareness of what is going on in the world.



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