This is so funny, unless of course, it were to happen to me! Lol! If you're flying off on vaca soon, or to see relatives, or whatever, just giving you a heads up that there's an airport prank becoming more and more popular where people are putting electrical outlet stickers, yup, stickers, on the walls of airports, and you're not charging your phone by trying to stick your cord in one of these! Lol!  Oh trust me, I'd be the one, standing there, trying to jam my cord into this sticker, thinking, there has to be something wrong with this outlet. If you travel you know what a hot commodity outlets are, although, more and more airports are putting in docking stations, and what a letdown, when you think you've scored one, and it turns out to be a sticker! Lol!  I googled them, and you can buy the stickers on Amazon, so I just may get one and have some fun with my friends! Watch...Dave will beat me to it and have one around the office!  He's the office prankster, and, I'll probably fall for it, even though I told him about it!

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