I started seeing a nutritionist in January to get down to a healthy weight before my wedding, and I was shocked at how many 'healthy foods' I was eating that she was not a fan of! I listened to what she had to say, changed my diet and I'm down 10 pounds and extremely happy about it!

My nutritionist said sometimes you think that you're eating healthy, and you're really not. There are so many foods out there that are deceiving!

I found this list on Women's Health.com and my nutritionist agreed with almost every one of them!
Below are some of the foods that even Nutritionists won't eat!
1. Veggie chips- (Which I used to eat)
2. Pre-made smoothies- (Now I make my own)
3. "Diet" frozen meals- (Who hasn't eaten one of those?)
4. Fat-free salad dressing- (Sometimes "Fat Free" doesn't mean healthy)
5. Acai bowls- (Very trendy, but not all that healthy)

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