According to, it takes the average person 20 minutes to walk a mile...and for many people, that's 20 minutes to long.  We're a society that wants instant gratification. (I mean, how annoying are those 5 seconds we have to wait before skipping an ad on YouTube?)  So it should come as no surprise that 2/3 of New Jerseyans would not walk a mile to get somewhere.

That's what found when it surveyed Americans between 18-65.  It also found that, on average, the longest a New Jerseyan would walk to get somewhere was just over 19 minutes, which is slightly longer than the average Pennsylvanian would walk.

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The state with the highest percentage of people who would walk a mile to get somewhere was Idaho and the state with the lowest percentage was Alaska.  (It's cold in Alaska, so I get why no one wants to walk too far in that state).

The survey also found that over a third of Americans would take an elevator rather than climbing one flight of stairs and 1 in 10 people would not exercise even of their life depended on it.

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Here are some of the interesting findings from the survey:

  • On average, women are slightly lazier than men.
  • The average person stays on a "health kick" just over one week before breaking down and going back to their bad habits.
  • 77% of people said they were too busy to exercise and 74% said they were too busy to eat healthy.

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