Halloween is always fun and filled with all sorts of sweet treats. I give myself a free pass on Halloween to eat whatever I want, and sometimes that means my diet is all sugar and like one percent "real/healthy" food. Then November 1st happens and I think to myself 'oh no! What have I done?!' I ate without care and the following day I pay for it.

Here was my Halloween in a nutshell/fun-size form: At work I ate two big buttery soft pretzels, three pumpkin macaroons, three soft pumpkin cookies, and one large pumpkin shaped sugar cookie. Then I proceeded to go home and eat 25% of the Halloween candy I was supposed to hand out to trick-or-treats. So it's official, I am now suffering from a Halloween hangover.

I have to shout out this awesome Philly Voice article I found that gives six tips to help detox and get over a sugary Halloween hangover:

1. Add Cinnamon 

Some believe that cinnamon is a blood-sugar stabilizer. Add it to your coffee, tea or water. I sometimes add it to my plain Greek yogurt or on apples.

2. Take Some Supplements

The article suggest taking activated charcoal pills because they are great at absorbing toxins which your body will then get rid of. They also suggest taking probiotics pills which help balance your digestive system. I have to say that activated charcoal in pill form freaks me out. I just eat plain Greek yogurt in the morning for my probiotic fix.

3. Workout & Sweat

Put the sugars you ate to use and workout. Physical activity is a great way to burn the sugars and sweating helps get rid of toxins in the body.

4. Say No To Alcohol

5. Also Try And Avoid Starches & Carbs

They just turn into sugar.

6. Drink Water

It will help cleanse you system, but don't over do it and drink water to the extreme because that can be harmful too.


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