A Septa strike may be coming. All parents should be aware because this may affect how their kids get to and from school.

A press release just came out making Philly residents aware of a potential strike starting November 1. According to SEPTA, this past weekend the Transport Workers Union Local 234 voted to authorize a strike. If a new contract agreement is not reached by Halloween, SEPTA workers will not be showing up to work. That means hundreds of people will be without transportation until a negotiation is worked out. According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, all buses, subways, and trolleys will be inactive.

The impact this could have on students in the city is heavy. According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, more than 60,000 kids rely on SEPTA transportation to get to school each and every day as well as the majority of the district's employees.

Superintendent William R. Hite Jr. sent out a letter to parents stating that this whole situation, “would have a devastating impact on the operation of our School District and our ability to sustain in-person learning five days a week for all students — something we all worked extremely hard to make happen for all students this school year.”

So what does this mean? What happens If the kids can't get to school. There have been warnings of a shift back to online learning, according to CBS Philly.

With no means of transportation, until a SEPTA deal is worked out, workers will have to find other ways to get to work. Another option is rideshare options like Uber and Lyft. On social media platforms such as Reddit and Twitter, residents have been discussing how rideshare prices will dramatically increase starting Nov 1 if the strike goes down.


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