Hard Rock International's CEO Jim Allen held a virtual press conference Tuesday to announce the company plans to hand out cash bonuses exceeding $1 million to the more than 2000 workers at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City.

“We believe that this continued support of our employees, and our belief that this will continue to enhance our respect and appreciation that we’ve provided to them and that they have given back to us, will continue to grow customer service in the property, and more importantly, continue to separate us from the rest of the industry."

Hard Rock International is giving bonuses to its workers in several other states, as well, as a way of thanking them for working during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Here's the bonus structure for this Friday's bonuses for Hard Rock Atlantic City's 2184 employees.

The 1,822 hourly workers will each get a bonus of $250.

The 197 supervisores will take home an extra $500.

165 managers will pocket $1000 each, before taxes, of course.

This isn't the first time that Hard Rock Atlantic City has given workers a bonus. In January 2020, the casino handed out $2 million in employee bonuses.

But, that was pre-pandmeic, when business was good. Yesterday's bonus news, in the midst of the lingering pandemic, is an even bigger deal.

Hard Rock's Jim Allen explains it this way.

"It is important not to forget the job they are doing during these difficult times. These are clearly challenging times, and this is a way of showing our appreciation. We 're committed to this project on a long-term basis. We know Atlantic City still has a grst history behind it, and still has a better history in front of it."

Source: Press of Atlantic City

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