A study that was done back in 2006 has resurfaced and it has people up in arms, especially the men. The premise of this study says that your wealth needs to overcompensate for your lack of height. The main question that is asked is how much money do short men have to make in order to be considered as attractive as a tall man? As if short men aren't already insecure enough, looks like social media is giving them another reason.


So in your opinion, can you look past a man's height if he is loaded?  If a guy's shorter than average, how RICH does he have to be to make him as attractive to women as a TALL guy? Well according to UChicago, the average man is  5-foot-11-and-a-half, and makes $63,000 a year. So based on that stat, here is how much a man must make to be considered attractive if he is on the shorter end of the measuring tape.

1.  5-foot-10 . . . $87,000 a year.  (That's an extra 24 grand.)

2.  5-foot-8 . . . $201,000 a year.  ($138,000 extra.)

3.  5-foot-6 . . . $238,000 a year.  ($175,000 extra.)

4.  5-foot-4 . . . $284,000 a year.  ($221,000 extra.)

5.  5-foot-2 . . . $332,000 a year.  ($269,000 extra.)

6.  5 feet tall . . . $380,000 a year.  ($317,000 extra.)

Insane right? And if you do the math, that's  just under $28,000 per inch. According to UChicago, it seems that women in 2006 were kind of shallow. It seems all they care about is a man being as tall as an NBA player. The study even found that super tall men can earn even LESS and still be attractive.  Men who are 6-foot-2 can make as little as $33,000 a year and at 6-foot-4, just $12,000. That's basically a job at McDonalds!!

Ladies is this true? Are we really like this?


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