The Partial government shutdown is approaching week three and now it's starting to get a little scary. It was one thing when museums and parks were closed, but being that we're approaching week three, it's becoming an extreme burden for many. Federal workers are working for free, and now there's talks that we won't receive our tax refunds this year?!

Here's how New Jersey will personally be effected

  • The IRS is not issuing income tax returns or pretty much doing anything else during the government shutdown. So that tax refund money you were looking forward to getting this year is not available right now.
  • Those on food stamps, WIC, or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program could not receive assistance due to lack of federal funding. (This is if the government is not back by February)
  • School and daycare food programs could run also into problems could suffer. (This is also if the government is not back by February)
  • Immigration hearing have been postponed because those courts are courts. Also, employers aren't able to check if their employees are eligible to work in the Unite States.The service they use to check is out of service.

According to research done by Wallethub, New Jersey is the 44th most affected state during the government shutdown. The last government shutdown lasted 21 days during Bill Clinton's term. So let's all keep our fingers crossed that this shutdown will end this week! I think we all underestimated how much this shutdown would affect us.

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