Let's face it, many of us didn't take this government shutdown that serious. When President Trump announced the shutdown, no one knew how long it would last and how many lives and jobs it would affect. Now that the government shutdown is in it's 24th day, people are starting to panic. Federal workers are not working, which means they aren't getting paychecks. These people aren't able to put food on the table, pay their rent and do everyday things that require money.

According to Central Jersey.com, Middlesex County College is offering tuition assistance to anyone who has been directly affected by this government shutdown. As long as students apply on their website, they will not be dropped from their courses due to lack of tuition payments. A statement was released by Middlesex County College stating that they want students to continue their education, but understand that food still needs to go on the table and bills need to be paid.

Businesses that are willing to help others out in this delicate time make me smile. We should all be lifting each other up and Middlesex County College should be extremely proud of themselves for doing what they're doing.

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