So if you haven't heard, recreational weed is like, totally about to be legal in New Jersey, dude.

Starting on April 21, (a day after 4/20, har har) adults 21 and older will be able to purchase recreational marijuana, meaning you don't need a medical card.

This is a pretty big deal - something that many New Jerseyans have been waiting for. In case you haven't seen it, Erin Vogt made a pretty awesome comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about Mary J in the garden state.

If you read the guide, you'll see that recreational purchase will be available at select dispensaries - and with time, the list can grow even bigger.

So open up your GPS app, and let's take a closer look at them so you can see which dispensary will be good for you.

Here's Your Deep Dive Into NJ's Recreational Weed Dispensaries

Here is where you'll be able to buy recreational marijuana in New Jersey!


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