Atlantic City is now home to one of New Jersey’s recreational marijuana dispensaries! As of today, the first recreational dispensary in Atlantic City is now open and just in time for 4/20 nonetheless.

Starting today, a stop along the Jersey Shore will officially have marijuana being sold recreationally. There are other dispensaries in various shore towns, but before today, they were all medical.

As of today, MPX NJ which is located on South New York Avenue in Atlantic City will make the big jump from being a strictly medicinal dispensary to now being open to the general public.

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Tomorrow will mark exactly 1 year since the recreational use of marijuana was legalized in New Jersey and over the past 365 days, we have seen so many marijuana dispensaries open their doors to the public all across the Garden State.

MPX NJ opened its doors back in the Spring of last year but was strictly selling to only New Jersey residents with medical marijuana cards. In just under a year, they opened their doors to the public, and the lines were wrapped around the building on opening day.



According to 6 ABC, this is officially the first recreational dispensary to hit a town that lies on the Jersey Shore. Of course, in order to purchase recreational marijuana you must be 21 years or older and enjoy it responsibly!

I’m sure a lot of sales will be made from today until Labor Day as everyone grabs whatever they need to relax by the Atlantic City beach.

Happy 4/10, Atlantic City!

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