Breakfast supposedly is the most important meal of the day and it seems like Hershey is trying to help you make it even better.

According to, Hershey Kisses has released its own cereal that has a "smooth chocolate flavor and a nice, light crunch." mentioned that the rumors of General Mills releasing the Hershey Kisses cereal started back in October. Now, it has finally been seen on shelves. As you already know YouTubers document everything and Delish mentioned that YouTuber Tami Dunn shared her big purchase of the Hershey Kisses cereal from a Walmart.

From the looks of this IG post on @tamisclock's page the new Hershey Kisses cereal looks just like the actual iconic chocolates. Let's be real, right about now we can go for a bowl of some Hershey Kisses cereal.

Delish mentioned that Sour Patch Kids has made its own cereal also. Honestly, we think that one doesn't sound too good. We'll stick with the Hershey Kisses' one.

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