Highstown is having an awesome event the day before Halloween and it's going to illuminate the area.

Hightstown's Light Up the Lake is taking place on October 30th at 6pm at Peddie Lake. You are encouraged to bring carved or painted pumpkins to Memorial Park in Hightstown that night and watch it light up.

The pumpkins will be placed on the stone wall that is surrounding Peddie Lake in Hightstown and tea lights will be given out while supply lasts. I am sure it is going to be a beautiful sight.

The event is a rain or shine event that is sponsored by the Hightstown Cultural Arts Commission and the Greater Hightstown Juniorettes. If you have any questions? Please email cac@hightstownborough.com

As an East Windsor resident, I am so excited for Light Up the Lake. We love our little community in East Windsor and since Hightstown is the next town over, we venture over there quite often.

If you've never been to Hightstown, it really is a beautiful town with restaurants like Tavern on the Lake, specialty homemade gift shops like Handmaid Art Studios, and even a brewery called Old Hights Brewing Company.

The Peddie Lake is very beautiful and peaceful to walk around. When the weather is nice, we love taking a little family trip. I am very excited to see Peddie Lake all lit up on the night before Halloween and I can't wait to take photos.

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