An iconic Jersey shore ice cream shop, Hoffman's of Long Branch, will be closing its doors effective tomorrow... forever.

“To our valued customers, as of Sunday, August 29th, our Long Branch store will be closing permanently. Thank you for many years of loyalty and memories,” a sign on the door of the shop reads. The news was confirmed on their website as well.

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Hoffman's currently operates three ice cream shops at the Jersey, which are located in Point Pleasant, Spring Lake and Long Branch. The Long Branch store was the newest shop for the small chain.

The company's website still lists their Point Pleasant and Spring Lake locations, and says those will be unaffected by the decision to shutter the doors of the Long Branch store.

Hoffman's us undoubtedly one of the shore's most popular ice cream brands. They started in 1955 as one of the first Carvel stores in the state. It rebranded as Hoffman's Ice Cream in 1976.

Hoffman's also operated a location in Little Silver, which has also closed in recent years.

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