Bring on the BURRITOS! Chicken, steak, shrimp, veggie, breakfast, chorizo, barbacoa, whatever type you like, It is the perfect avenue to dive into a deeply satisfying food coma, if you ask me.

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So where can we get the best burrito in New Jersey?

Eat This, Not That put their food "science" into practice again and broke down "The Best Spot To Get a Burrito in Every State." And for New Jersey, we're heading wayyyyy up in North Jersey.

According to Eat This, the best burrito in New Jersey can be found at Chanos Latin Kitchen in Pompton Lakes!

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It may look small and unassuming from the outside, but inside, the place is bursting with flavor - like a burrito!

Their menu offers 10 different types of burritos, such as Steak and Cheese, Chicken Mole,  Shrimp and Bacon, Pulled Pork Carnitas, and Surf & Turf.

According To Eat This, the Chicken Mole is a customer favorite must-try:

Chanos Latin Kitchen offers an amazing breakfast burrito and a wide variety of lunch and dinner options. Reviewers sang the praises of the chicken mole burrito, describing it as "superb," "delicious," and "super fresh." - Eat This

Personally I think I would favor this scrumptious-looking Surf & Turf. I can feel my belly bursting just looking at it!

Do you think Eat This got it right? Where's your favorite place to get a burrito? Don't be afraid to drop you recommendations!

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