Troon Brewery in Hopewell has just made the list of the 'Top 15 to Watch this Year,' by a very popular beer magazine named Hop Culture, and they don't even have a tasting room! Troon Brewery strictly just sells their beer to go. Usually when you go to a brewery, you gather a bunch of your friends and do some tastings and have a good time seeing the brewery and how everything works, well, Troon is not like that. They have actually NEVER done that! If you want a taste of their beer, you can get a pint at the Brick Farm Tavern, which is just a very short walk from Troon. So without a tasting and tap room, why did it make this prestigious list? Hop Culture says that they have the makings of a top brewery because of their beer that is constantly excellent. They also have awesome art and glassware, which with all three, Hop Culture says make up a great brewery. They also said the owner puts his heart and soul into the beers and they can tell. Hop Culture editors really enjoyed their visit to Troom Brewery. Their Facebook fans agree as well, giving them a 4.9 out of 5 star rating.

Information from the Brewers Association and the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau says that the craft beer scene is growing in New Jersey. So be on the lookout for many breweries popping up, as well as the big changes coming to Troon Brewery in 2019.

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