The Hopewell Valley Regional School District is considering a later start time for its Middle and High School, according to Mercer Me.

What's that I hear? That's the collective cheering of all of the students who are on board, I'm sure. Seems as though a lot of the area schools start very early. The middle school in my town starts at 7:45am. The article states that a committee has been formed of parents, staff, administration, and students to look at the issue of start times being too early, after pleas from students and parents over the past few years. The committee recently heard from a pediatrician and head of a task force on adolescent sleep and school start times that later start times would be much more beneficial for student's good health and a quality education.

I remember getting on the bus at 6:30am to get to high school. It was brutal. I had about a 20 minute ride to school, but still, that's early. In my opinion, it makes sense for younger children to go to school earlier because they natually wake up earlier and are full of energy bright and early, and when it comes to teenagers, it's almost impossible to get them out of bed, right parents? Lol.

Read more of the details on the possible time shift here.

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