So, this is the second year that I've decided to decorate my home for the holidays since living on my own.

Before last year I never really did it - but I figured why not! It definitely brings a certain Christmas spirit into your home and gets you excited for the holidays.

I almost didn't decorate this year but then I remembered how much I really loved my black Christmas tree I had last year and how I was so obsessed with the ornaments and lights so I went for it.

My set up is really basic, but perfect for my little apartment!

I used the wood - burlap themed ornaments, along with brown glitter snowflakes and clear glass balls to pair with a black glitter bow to top the tree. My tree had built in white lights which made my life so much easier and I just framed my big window with similar lights.

I threw in a few extra decorations to spice up the space and I absolutely love how it came out. Watch me put it all together in my vlog below!


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